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Francisco Arbaiza Rodriguez. http://orcid.org/0000-0003-0539-3184
Shirley Huertas García.



Advertising communication in the fashion industry: branded content, the case of fashion films




In a present where the consumer is increasingly demanding and rejects intrusive comercial communications, brands must venture on new forms of communication, with content that is relevant and attention-grabbing, without saturating, and at the same time achieve a true brand-consume connection. This article addresses one of the new advertising trends, branded content, a formula that goes beyond product placement and proposes relevant content to the consumer. Specifically, is analyzed the case of fashion films, an advertising format that has broken out in the sector of fashion and luxury products with great success, and whose objective is to generate content specifically for a particular fashion brand, in which beauty and aesthetic predominates, but above all, allows to communicate the values and personality of the brand and thus connect with the consumer.


branded content; fashion films; advertising; storytelling; fashion industry


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Francisco Arbaiza Rodríguez es Doctor en Comunicación Pública por la Universidad de Navarra, Profesor y Jefe del Área de Comunicaciones de Marketing de la Facultad de Comunicación de la Universidad de Piura. Ha investigado recientemente sobre el Marketing Experiencial y su influencia en el comportamiento del consumidor. francisco.arbaiza@udep.pe, http://orcid.org/0000-0003-0539-3184


Shirley Huertas Garcia es es Licenciada en Comunicación por la Universidad de Piura. huertas.shirley@gmail.com

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